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For 60 years, Automobili Lamborghini has been at the forefront of automotive brilliance. To celebrate this important milestone, the iconic Italian luxury sports car manufacturer has created a platform for cross-sectional art projects in which different markets collaborate with internationally renowned artists to explore the brand’s core values.

As part of its closing celebrations in the USA, Lamborghini proudly presents a collaboration with leading artist Kiril Jeliazkov, in partnership with Lamborghini Austin Texas. Famous for his large format abstract paintings full of dancing brushstrokes, purposeful use of space and an explosion of color – Kiril’s art style is full of energy and vitality, and so unique that it has even been dubbed as “Kirilism”.

In “Beyond Sixty Energy”, Kiril Jeliazkov celebrates 60 years of unique brand legacy with a bespoke artwork representing Lamborghini’s drive and passion for creating the boldest, most innovative, colorful and future-forward super sports cars.


Lamborghini is a symbol of always going beyond limits, standards and conventions, so the collaboration with Kiril Jeliazkov was a match made in heaven. A renowned artist with his work being exhibited at art galleries globally, Kiril is famous for having created the world’s largest series of paintings designed to be displayed outdoors: the “Orange Step” project. His energetic artwork for Lamborghini’s 60th anniversary expresses that shared and long-standing drive for living for the extraordinary, unconventional and out-of-the-box.


Kiril Jeliazkov’s dynamic brushstrokes pay homage to the color legacy of the Lamborghini brand with the use of a bold and vibrant color palette. Right from the brand’s earliest days, founder Ferruccio Lamborghini didn’t want his cars to be known by one color or lock customers into a restricted amount of choice, which is why the brand’s first iconic model – the Muria – can be seen in such a wide range of colors; orange, green, bright blue, or vibrant yellow. Lamborghini built 763 Murias in total, with an extreme-for-the-time 86 different color choices.


In its 60th year, Lamborghini has further accelerated its progress towards a more sustainable future, and this commitment is echoed in the “chassis” of the painting. Sponsored by Treun House Atelier, a leader in sustainable luxury fashion, the canvas used by Kiril to create the painting is made with a special sustainable fabric using Circulose®, a groundbreaking technology utilizing recycled textiles crafted by  AGI Denim, a B Corp-certified leader in textile innovation. gallery@, AGI’s art supporting arm, treated this fabric to meet Artist Grade standards, ensuring archival quality. The painting is framed with Ecotan® leather; the first truly bio-circular leather with a proven path back to nature, tanned with plant-based ingredients and made in Italy, for authentic luxury.


Since its founding over half a century ago, Automobili Lamborghini has created a series of dream cars such as the Huracán EVO, the evolution of the most successful V10-powered Lamborghini ever, driving performance and emotion to levels never before achieved. Dreaming up new ways to create unprecedented and exciting experiences, Lamborghini fans will be able to admire the elevated supercar featured in Kiril’s painting at the brand’s 60th anniversary exhibition program. The perfect events for art lovers and Lamborghini’s design creativity to meet.