At top, framed by the Old Rail Trail, Richardson Bay and Mt. Tamalpais, 20 – foot tall paintings by Bulgarian artist Kiril Jeliazkov line McKegney Green on Tiburon’s shoreline. More than 100 pieces were mounted on posts at McKegney, Blackie’s Pasture and at Zelinsky Park behind Tiburon Town Hall. Driving on Tiburon Boulevard, motorists were surprised to glimpse a serious of over-sized paintings bursting with color on the Tiburon hillside.

Sitting directly on San Francisco Bay, with the city of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge vistas as a backdrop, Tiburon was the center of the art world for ten wonderful days started from Aug. 10 and ran through Aug. 18. This was the first time Mr. Jeliazkov’s works appeared in the Western United States.

     “I wanted to break out of the normal boundaries of art galleries.”

Kiril Jeliazkov told the audience. “ The world becomes my gallery.” All of the paintings that were installed are 20 by 10 feet, waterproof and weatherproof, exhibited on metal stands.